2024 Playtech Blackjack – Top Rated Casinos Running On Playtech Software

Playtech Software LogoThe Playtech casino software brand was founded back in 1999, establishing itself as a pioneer in the online gambling industry. This software platform powers some of the biggest names in the industry, including Bet365, which is one of our recommended brands for non-USA players and especially for UK online blackjack options.

While their list of blackjack game titles may not be as long as other UK casino software options such as Microgaming, their gaming suite is full of high quality and unique options that offers some features you won't find anywhere else. All draw blackjack games include the 7 Card Charlie rule in which a player who has 7 cards without busting wins that round. This guide will break down some of their most popular games and features.

Best Playtech Casinos To Play Blackjack - No USA Players Are Accepted


Following you will find information on the best online casinos to access Playtech blackjack at.  These brands have each been reviewed and approved by our team of review specialists after demonstrating their value to the industry and their commitment to player safety and satisfaction.  Playtech is a brand that we strongly support and the following casinos are the ones we felt best represented the standards embraced by this casino gaming software solution. There is only one Playtech site we endorse and for good reason. See below why we love recommending Bet365 to players.

Keep in mind that Playtech pulled out of the USA in 2007, so this software is only available to non-American players. We are hopeful that as more and more legal blackjack states start offering legal online blackjack games at the state level, Playtech will surface again as a viable option for USA players.

Classic Blackjack

All software platforms include a classic blackjack version, and Playtech is no exception. Their classic option can be played using single hand, multi-hand or multi-player options. It is played with traditional Vegas rules, with a few minor tweaks. Here are the general rules for Classic Blackjack:

  1. The game is played with six decks that are shuffled after each hand.
  2. Multi-hand mode allows up to 5 hands to be played simultaneously.
  3. The dealer stands on 17.
  4. Players have the option to double down on any first two cards or after a split.
  5. Players are able to split up to 4 hands.
  6. Split aces can only receive one card.

Playtech Blackjack Variations For 2024

Blackjack Switch - This is a blackjack option that is unique to the Playtech software platform and is played with six decks. In this game, the player receives two hands and places two separate wagers and then has the option of switching the second card dealt in each hand. Once the switch takes place, each hand is played out independently. In addition, there is a side bet featured for this game in which players can place a wager that covers all four cards. You can then earn bonuses on these results: Four of a Kind gets a 40 to 1 payout; Two Pair gets an 8 to 1 payout; Three of a Kind earns a 5 to 1 payout and a pair earns even money. This side bet is independent of the blackjack wager. This game features higher payout percentages than other blackjack options and is available at most reputable Playtech casinos.

Blackjack Surrender - While RTG and some other brands make surrendering a feature of a game, Playtech has made an entire game based on the concept. In this game, players have the option of 'folding' so to speak while surrendering half of their wager and getting to keep the other half. You can use the surrender feature before you've acted on your own cards and after the dealer checks for blackjack. You will have to 'surrender' only half of your wager and you'll get the remaining half back into your bankroll. Vegas blackjack rules are in place for the most part. This game is available in both single hand and multi-hand versions, and is particularly valuable if you happen to be playing 5 hands and are not having much luck with your cards.

Pontoon - This game is actually an Australian variation of Blackjack that is played using six decks. In this game, what we usually call a blackjack is called a Pontoon, which is a ten value card and an ace. A Pontoon can be achieved when aces are split. Players must hit on a hand of 15 or less. A Five Card Trick is the second best hand you can get and includes a hand of 5 cards that does not bust. This is a popular game throughout the industry and most software platforms do include in their menus.

Lucky Blackjack - Another game variation of Twenty-One that is unique to Playtech is Lucky Blackjack. This is a no draw game in which the player is not dealt a hand but rather chooses the outcome of the dealer's hand. This game uses only one deck, and the payout is based on whether the dealer's hand renders a blackjack, 17, 18, 19, 20, or 21. It is a fresh take on the game and provides players with something uniquely different to try out.

Perfect Pairs Blackjack - This is simply a classic blackjack game that incorporates a side bet as to what pair you may be dealt. The side bet does not affect the blackjack hand. The payout of the side bet is dependent on what type of pair you receive and if you receive one. This game is played with 6 decks and utilizes Vegas blackjack rules. You will find this game across most reputable online casinos and software platforms.

Progressive Blackjack - Playtech is one of the few brands offering Progressive Blackjack. In this game, standard blackjack rules and game play apply with the addition of a $1 side bet. The side bet is funneled into a progressive jackpot that can be won by receiving four Aces of the same suit. If you should receive four aces of varying suits, you will receive 10% of the jackpot. It does integrate an exciting prospect into the game when you know you have the opportunity to win a jackpot payout.