2024 Rival Blackjack – The Top Rival Powered Online Casinos

Rival Powered SoftwareIn 2006, a group of proclaimed "visionaries" in the gaming market used GiGse to spring-board into a gaming market that was already thriving, introducing the world to the Rival gaming platform. Known for its ironclad security, quick-loading games, cross-platform access, and a large variety of lucrative games, bonuses and more, Rival is easily a top contender in the field of gaming platforms.

You will undoubtedly hear big names on this site like Microgaming, Playtech, and RTG, but know that Rival is right up there with the best of them, and their dedication to gamblers has been apparent for nearly 10 years, particularly in the realm of the blackjack games they provide.

Most Trusted Rival Powered Casino For 2024

#1 Rated Rival Casino

Slots.lv Casino Up To $2,000 In Bonuses

Top Rated BadgeSlots.lv has recently added over 140 rival powered games into their gaming suite in October 2015. So players are now able to enjoy real money games from 3 software providers which include RTG, Betsoft and now Rival. This is very exciting as it gives players more than 15 different blackjack games and variations to choose from, all under 1 player's account. New players can claim up to $2000 in match bonus money which consists of a 100% matching bonus up to $500 on your first deposit, then a 50% bonus up to $250 on your next 6 deposits for a total of $2K.

Rating 4.5


USA Accepted?

Other Reputable Rival Powered Online Casinos For 2024

While there are certainly many other Rival powered casinos, we only list a handful that we deem to be the most trusted in the business. That's a theme you will find across all of our pages. We just don't promote every site under the sun, we vet each site and only recommend the casinos that we know will offer fair games, 24/7 support and fast and easy payouts.

Update 2020: Unfortunately there aren't many Rival Powered casinos that we trust 100%.  The problem with this software is it's relatively cheap to get a license. So you end up having a lot of undercapitalized casinos that just aren't very good options for players.  So we can only recommend Slots.lv which is considered to be the best the online gambling industry has to offer.

Are USA Players Accepted At Rival Casinos?

By and large, most casinos that are offering Rival gaming as an option also offer their services to Americans. It is not written in stone, and you may in fact find a Rival casino that bans Americans, but throughout our research we find that most casinos using Rival to allow players from the USA to join.

Rival Blackjack Game Rules

Here are the basic rules of Rival blackjack, as told by their main corporate site:

  1. A standard game of blackjack is played via an online casino using sex decks in a shoe, all of which are shuffled after each hand
  2. A dealer can hit on a soft 17
  3. Any player can split up to three hands
  4. A player can surrender any of his/her first two cards
  5. Any split aces receive only a single additional card
  6. Not allowed to re-split aces
  7. Any split ace which receives a 10-value is not considered a blackjack hand
  8. A player wins when the value of their hand exceeds that of the dealer's final total, or if the dealer's total exceeds 21

Keep in mind that these are (a) the rules of standard blackjack only, and (b) they're straight from the site where the games are offered. If you want to know payment amounts per X hand, or how Y game is played, visit a particular site where those games are offered, or check our reviews page.

Betting at a Rival Casino

Just as the rules may vary among the different games of blackjack, the betting limits vary as well. Some games have a maximum bet of $300, while others allow up to $500 wagers to be placed. The gaming interface in the RTG game suite is very user friendly, feature rich, and innovative. To place a wager during game play, follow these steps:

  1. A player must click on the chip (and the value sought) to place a bet
  2. Clicking a chip additionally will add total to the bet
  3. To remove a bet amount, click on the chips in the center of the table (betting circle)
  4. Minimum bets for Rival blackjack are $1, while max bets are $500

Blackjack Variants Found At Most Rival Powered Casinos

Standard Blackjack - This traditional version of blackjack is the one explained in the rules above. You start out with two cards, and the basic aim is to beat the dealer's value. Insurance, splitting, hitting, and staying are all options, along with betting, and this game is played at Rival casinos with a six-deck shoe and uses all standard rules.

Multi-Hand Blackjack - Multi-hand blackjack is essentially like standard blackjack, at least per the rules and number of cards. However, players here are actually encouraged to play up to five hands of blackjack at once. This game is played against a dealer, and you win or lose based on individual hands. Essentially, multi-hand is a way to simply play a lot more blackjack at once.

Unfortunately, we were unable to find any additional types of blackjack offered by Rival. Live dealer blackjack, face-up 21 versions, and Euro versions seem to be off the table with this software provider. However, their two versions of blackjack run very smoothly, are widely reputable, and pay pretty well per average. Plus many Rival casinos accept US players and offer lucrative bonuses, so we can forgive a couple of blackjack variations vs. half a dozen.