Legal Online Blackjack Tournaments In 2024

If you’re looking for extended Internet gambling that lasts for more than just a few hands, online blackjack tournaments for real money may be the right choice for you. Blackjack is already loads of fun on its own, but tourney play takes things to a whole new level.

The best part about tournament blackjack is that a single entry fee can offer hours of gameplay, and if you're good enough, it can provide a large payout that'll impress even the most seasoned gamblers. Practice makes perfect, of course, so our handy BJ guide offers up some strategies and ways to play without risking any money, too.

Why look anywhere else when we've got your one-stop resource for legal blackjack sites right here? Read on as we cover the legalities of online 21 games, showing you the best places to play and giving you some insight that’ll help you stay ahead of the house. Don’t stand for anything less!

#1 Casino For Online Blackjack Tournaments In 2024 - Bovada

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Bovada is a long-standing, respected offshore casino and sportsbook that has been in operation for many years, has a solid history of accurate and timely payouts, and features industry-standard levels of fair play that you’d expect from the best Vegas casinos.

If you’re looking for the hottest online blackjack tournaments on the web, Bovada has got you covered with competitions taking place every day. Once you’ve dominated the tourney, check out their extensive array of electronic betting games, live dealer blackjack tables, and an extensive sportsbook. Operating from within the legal gambling jurisdiction of Costa Rica, Bovada offers the highest level of premium 21 tournament action.

2024's Best Online Blackjack Tournament Sites

Casino Name And LinkBlackjack Specific Bonus OfferSoftwareUSA
Cafe Casino350% Bonus Up To $2,500RTG Casino200% Bonus Up To $5,000RTG
Roaring 21200% Bonus Up To $10,000RTG
Casino Max325% Bonus Up To $9,750RTG
Cherry Jackpot Casino400% Bonus Up To $8,000RTG

Is It Legal To Play Online Blackjack Tournaments For Real Money?

Yes, playing 21 tournaments online is legal, and there are several options for doing this. A few states that have laws regulating Internet gambling have opted to offer online table games through their physical casino properties. These types of online blackjack tournaments require players to be in the same state as the gambling facility hosting the events, and sometimes players even have to be on the premises of the casinos themselves.

If there are no domestic casinos located near you, the best option is to sign up at an offshore blackjack casino operating legally online. These casinos offer legal online blackjack in most US states, and they each have scheduled contests available for browsing right now.

How Do Blackjack Tournaments Work?

Online casinos feature schedules of upcoming 21 tournaments that detail the times, entry fees, prize amounts, and rules involved. Simply find a tournament that suits you best and sign up for it. Once tournament gameplay begins, points are compiled based on the performance of each hand. Players at the top of the leaderboard at the closure of play will win the top prizes. Remember, online BJ tournaments are cumulative events and are not based on single tables or hands.

Blackjack Tournament Rules

The first rule for blackjack tournaments is to join one at your site of choice. To do that, navigate to the Casino section, select the Blackjack option, and enter one of the many events on offer. Click “Join” before the beginning of the tournament, your entry fee will be deducted from your site balance, and you’re in!

Now for the harder part: Winning! The way to emerge victorious in any ultimate blackjack tournament is to climb to the top of the leaderboard, which requires compiling points based on your performance over time. One great hand won’t cut the deck, here. You’ve got to amass a run, and you’re racing everyone else to do it.

How Points Are Earned In An Online Blackjack Tournament

Different sites have different criteria for their BJ tournaments, but a typical point setup is as follows, and most venues utilize a variation of this model.

  • Competing minimum hand requirement – 1 point
  • Push – 2 points
  • Win – 5 points
  • Blackjack – 10 points
  • Split hands are scored as two hands, so a win and a push would award 7 points.

Players must meet certain thresholds for “spins” and hands before they will become eligible for cash prizes. Many offshore casinos offer rewards in the form of bonuses, which include rollovers/playthroughs and extended gameplay requirements before you can collect payouts. Be sure to read the details of each tournament and prize amount before playing.

How To Play Online 21 Tournaments Legally In 2024

Very few physical US casinos offer online blackjack tournaments, but those that do require that bettors be located within that same state because of the Federal Wire Act. Those laws do not apply when using a top-rated offshore casino, so online blackjack is available to you regardless of where you live in the country.

In fact, despite being “foreign” operators, these premium online USA casinos offer blackjack tournaments at all hours of the day and have schedules available for browsing right now. In order to participate in one of these online BJ tournaments for real money, you'll need to become a member, which requires a few steps.

  1. Once you've decided which online casino you want to play a tournament with, find the “Join” button – usually at the top right on the home page – and click it.
  2. The next screen will require you to enter a login and password, as well as a bit of personal data such as your name and address.
  3. Now, you’ll be able to make your first deposit into your account. You can skip this step if you desire, but depositing now will keep you from backtracking later once you've found the blackjack event that you'd like to enter. Wire transfers, major debit and credit cards, and many other banking methods are accepted at most sites, but we recommend using Bitcoin. Bonuses are available that are based on a percentage of your first deposit, but again, these bonuses require rollover, so be sure to investigate the details.
  4. Once you've made your deposit, you are ready to double-down against the competition. Navigate to the blackjack tournament section of the website, enter the event, and dominate your opponents. Hit me? Heck, no. Hit YOU!

Blackjack Tournament Mobile Apps

The App Store and Google Play do not offer any offshore gambling apps, though the few in-state casinos that offer mobile gaming apps are allowed to host these on the Apple and Google storefronts. However, you don’t need an app to enjoy mobile blackjack play, as our most trusted online blackjack tournament casinos all offer web apps that are fully optimized to your smartphone or tablet, whether you’re an iPhone blackjack gambler, Android gambler, or weirdo Kindle Fire gambler (in which case, come on – step your game up!).

Best of all, with web-app experiences like these, everything is handled on the backend. All you need is a modern mobile device and an Internet connection, and just about any standard browser will give you full access to online casinos and blackjack tourneys. There’s never anything to download or update, and this system actually provides the most secure gameplay available today, replete with SSL and TLS encryption.

Bonus Offers For Blackjack Tournaments Online

Our top-rated offshore casinos offer bonuses that match a percentage of a new member’s initial deposit. Most major credit and debit cards are accepted, as well as wire transfers, money orders, and so on. Bonuses are available regardless of your chosen deposit type. However, the most preferred method of deposit is Bitcoin, and online blackjack casinos tend to offer the highest bonuses when using the cryptocurrency.

Before accepting any bonus, just make sure to read the details of the offer.  Casino bonuses always require rollover amounts to be met before payouts can be claimed, and that may not be advantageous to infrequent gamblers. However, if you play blackjack online regularly, the bonuses can be literal free money!

Blackjack Tournament FAQs