Legal Kentucky Online Blackjack 2024

Kentucky iconKentucky is known for its bluegrass music, college basketball, and thoroughbred horseracing. What it is not known for are its domestic options for playing cash games of blackjack, as the state has a long history of opposition to gambling in general.

There aren’t any casinos that dot the KY horizon, but there are options to play cash games of blackjack online through legal gambling sites that can serve the Kentucky region without violating any gambling laws. While KY may restrict blackjack from a brick-and-mortar perspective, they are still one of the US states allowing online blackjack games for real money at legitimate online casinos. Read on to discover the complete picture of legal Kentucky blackjack online in the Bluegrass State.

#1 Online Blackjack Site For Kentucky In 2024

Bovada - 100% Casino Bonus Up To $3,000

Top Rated BadgeSince Kentucky is one of the few US territories that does not allow for any form of legal blackjack for real money, Bovada can claim the title of hosting Kentucky’s best blackjack games, regardless of venue. Bovada treats their blackjack customers like Vegas VIPs, offering up a variety of games of 21 that are sure to satisfy gamblers of all skillsets.

Bonus offers are extended that can keep you at the tables for extended periods of play and account deposit options are diverse, including popular cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin (BTC). Kentucky blackjack can be played live via video feeds which offer the closest experience to the real thing in the Bluegrass State. When it comes to the top blackjack casino in KY, don’t settle for second best. Play BJ at Bovada and double-down on the fun.

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Best Online Casinos to Legally Play Blackjack in Kentucky

Casino Name And LinkBlackjack Specific Bonus OfferSoftwareUSA
Cafe Casino350% Bonus Up To $2,500RTG Casino200% Bonus Up To $5,000RTG
Roaring 21200% Bonus Up To $10,000RTG
Casino Max325% Bonus Up To $9,750RTG
Sun Palace Casino150% Bonus Up To $10,000RTG
Vegas Casino Online150% Cashable Bonus Up To $3,000RTG
Slots Plus Casino400% Cashable Bonus Up To $3,000RTG
Cherry Jackpot Casino400% Bonus Up To $8,000RTG

Is Online Blackjack Legal In Kentucky?

Yes. There are no laws in Kentucky that explicitly state that playing blackjack for real money over the internet with an international casino is illegal. If there is no law to break, then betting with any of the online blackjack sites we've reviewed is not against the law. For a more detailed breakdown of state and federal gabling laws, please visit the laws section via the top menu on this page.

Is Blackjack Available At Kentucky Casinos?

No. Kentucky is not a state that is receptive to cash blackjack tables or casino gambling of any kind, and does not permit gaming facilities to exist within their borders. Despite the presence of Native American Tribes in Kentucky, they are not recognized by the US Department of the Interior, which is required in order to build casinos on Tribal lands inside of the United States.

Domestic Kentucky Blackjack Casinos

There are no casinos located within Kentucky’s borders. Regional blackjack players will need to visit an offshore gambling site to play 21 for real money while in KY.

How To Play Blackjack Online In Kentucky Legally

Since the only legit way to play blackjack for real money in KY is via overseas gambling sites, the first task is to select one of our preferred online casinos from the table above and click on the join button on the main page. Enter your personal data on the second page to create your account and submit.

The next page will ask for your first deposit, which can be made using a variety of funding options. Generous bonus offers will also be extended. Funding options and bonuses are further detailed in below sections.

Once your account is funded, locate the casino tab or button and discover the large variety of blackjack games that these offshore gambling sites have to offer Kentucky patrons. Be sure to investigate multiple sites to find the one that has the online blackjack options that you prefer the most.

Best Blackjack App For Mobile Devices

Whether you prefer Apple, Android, tablets, or smartphones, the best mobile blackjack apps in Kentucky can be accessed on those devices by clicking on one of the links we’ve provided using an up-to-date mobile browser (Chrome, Opera, Safari, Google, Firefox).

That’s because these apps are web-based and can be accessed over the web quickly. All variety of blackjack games, including live dealer blackjack, are ported to the mobile versions, for easy to access casino games using iPhones, iPads, and other popular devices.

Live Dealer Blackjack Online In Kentucky

We’ve searched far and wide to secure the top blackjack gambling sites for Kentucky customers, and we demand that live dealer blackjack be included as an option for any site that makes our list of top providers. It’s the next best BJ-playing experience to the real thing, and in 21-starved areas like KY, it makes all the difference.

Watch as live dealer video feeds reveal the dealer flip an ace on top of your jack, and send a text to the dealer if the need arises. The ultimate live dealer blackjack feeds are offered from our top gambling sites, so check out a few of them to see how each operation differs.

Online Blackjack Tournaments For Kentucky Residents

Whether you want to compete for a million-plus dollars or prefer 15-minute tourneys with smaller pots, the Kentucky online blackjack tournaments offered at our premium offshore gambling sites can fulfill your demands.

Tournaments schedules are posted at our top BJ sites now, so browse the entry fees and pot totals for the ultimate in online blackjack tournament action in KY.

Online Blackjack Bonus Offers For Kentucky Residents

When making a deposit at a Kentucky blackjack site, members will notice promotional offers that will match a portion of the total amount added to the account. Match ranges differ from site to site, but bonus cash totals can reach in excess of $3,000, and more if you use Bitcoin. These offers typically have terms attached, so read through them and ensure that accepting a blackjack bonus is in your best interest.

KY Online Blackjack Banking Options

We strongly urge all Kentucky blackjack players to use Bitcoin as their funding option of choice, and the reason is two-fold:

  1. Bitcoin deposit transactions occur rapidly, and the promotional bonus offers extended by KY blackjack sites are increased when compared to using USD.
  2. Bitcoin withdrawals can be made in less that 24 hours of it being requested, which is an industry exclusive. All other methods feature at least a one-day delay in transaction times.

Because not all online blackjack players have adopted Bitcoin and cryptocurrency as a standard, we also insist that our top sites offering cash games of 21 accept the following banking options:

Deposit: Credit Card, Debit Card, MatchPay, Cashier’s Check, Wire Transfer, 3rd Party Money Transfer Services, Cryptocurrency (Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Cardano (ADA)m Ripple, Ethereum, Litecoin, Tether)

Withdrawal: Wire Transfer, Cashier’s Check By Courier, MatchPay, Cryptocurrency

2024 Kentucky Blackjack FAQs