Biggest Million Dollar Blackjack Playing Athletes of All Time

Charles Barkley At The Casino Gambling

What makes incredible athletes so good in their respective sports can get them into trouble on virtual and real world blackjack tables. Tiger Woods, John Daly, Michael Jordan and Charles Barkley were all world-class athletes in their prime. Part of their incredible success was an absolute refusal to lose. They would will themselves to victory …

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Famous Blackjack Players Who Have Influenced The Gambling Industry

Famous Blackjack Players

As professional blackjack players ourselves, we respect the greats in the industry, and what they have done to impact and inspire players around the world. It was our desire to include a place of honor for them on our site to express our gratitude for all that they have contributed. Our hall of fame section …

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Blackjack Card Counting Online – A Quick and Simple But Deadly System

Card Counting Example

There are many positives to blackjack card counting online as opposed to trying to keep track of a running count in a physical casino. There are beautiful people all around to distract you when you are enjoying black jack in your favorite physical setting. The drinks usually flow free at most brick-and-mortar casinos, and are …

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