The Difference Between Online Blackjack And Casino Blackjack

Blackjack has been around for over 400 years and while the game is essentially the same, technological advances have made the game easier to access. Today many people still enjoy the popular card game, and it is a staple of any brick-and-mortar casino that offers table games.

Over the past two decades, we have seen online games evolve from classic pong to virtual reality worlds users can get lost in for days. It is no surprise that the casino industries around the world have taken an interest in online casino games.

Online blackjack is essentially the same game that you are used to playing, but in an online setting, it is also a lot more. Here are a few of the differences you may notice between online and classic casino style blackjack.

  1. Lower limits – Online you can play blackjack for a little as .10 cents a hand, while most physical casinos have a minimum of $5.
  2. Online Bonuses – Casino deposit bonuses are common online, and one look at a match bonus will have you wondering why a domestic casino never offered you free funds to play with.
  3. No Card Counting – Online there is no card counting because the random number generator automatically shuffles the cards after every hand.
  4. User-Friendly Rules – Some online casinos have favorable blackjack rules for players including blackjack payouts at 2 to 1.
  5. Fewer Disturbances – When playing online there are fewer disturbances than in traditional casinos. Of course, this depends on the player.
  6. Convenience – Online blackjack offers a convenience that casinos can’t match. Online you can play 24/7 and from any device that has an internet connection. Online casinos eliminate the need to drive to a physical casino to play your favorite card games.

Online blackjack is a different game than what most players are familiar with. Instead of playing against five other players and a dealer, online blackjack is usually just between one player and the dealer.

For players who have grown accustomed to the traditional ways of playing blackjack, online casinos offer live dealer blackjack games. Live dealer blackjack is just like casino blackjack, higher buy-ins, more opponents, and a dealer that you can watch and ask questions.