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Online blackjack delivers some of the best odds you will find on any game in an Internet casino. And to best help you take advantage of those attractive odds, we have decided to develop a resource section of our website where we will cover blackjack card counting systems, blackjack odds, and even deliver colorful stories about famous blackjack players and big blackjack wins. We hope to use this section to aid you in minimizing your losses and maximizing your profits with technical and strategic content, but we will also entertain you from time to time as well.

Did you know that a basic blackjack card counting strategy can give you approximately a 1% edge over the house? Maybe you know that the dealer's down card in blackjack is a 10 just over 30% of the time, but did you know that the dealer busts more than 61% of the time when his up card is a 6? This is the kind of actionable information we will deliver in the content we list here. We will also show you how to open an online account at a blackjack casino, what the smarter bets are to make and which ones to stay away from, as well as explore any new breakthroughs in the industry, including effective blackjack strategy.

For instance, the last couple of years have seen a wonderful new technological breakthrough deliver the most realistic blackjack experience you will find online. Live dealer blackjack uses streaming technology to transport a professionally trained blackjack dealer working on a real table with real cards in real time to your PC display. This is just the most recent variant of blackjack found in the online gambling industry, and as soon as something new pops up we will alert you here immediately. So if you are an Internet blackjack player, or just love a great gambling story, bookmark us or add us to your favorites and check back often.

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