How Fair Are The Random Number Generators Used in Online Blackjack?

Randomness is an essential part of any casino game, even those games that include an element of skill, such as blackjack, require true randomness in the outcome. This randomness is achieved naturally in brick and mortar casinos, however online casino games and digital casino games in land based casinos rely on random number generation. This begs the question, how truly random are RNGs? This question haunts many skeptics who are or who are considering being involved in online casino gambling. This page will explain what RNGs are, how they work, and provide insight into how truly random they are. While there are a number of different types of RNG tools, this article pertains to the version that online casino software employs.

What Are Random Number Generators?

Also known as RNGs, a random number generator is a sophisticated algorithm designed to produce random numbers on demand, such as when a player selects the ‘deal’ or ‘hit me’ button in online blackjack. RNG technology is also integrated into mobile blackjack gambling, so the same type of algorithm is used in mobile casinos, programmed to operate on a mobile device. Having the word ‘random’ in the name implies that the numbers are generated without any type of discernible pattern, and are therefore random. This is certainly the intention behind RNGs, and for all intensive purposes, the objective is met in high quality online casinos that rely on respected casino software platformsRTGMicrogaming and Playtech are some of the most popular in the gaming arena.

How Do Random Number Generators Work?

RNG algorithms are computer programs, and to be perfectly honest, it is impossible for a computer program driven RNG to meet the scientific definition of being 100% random. The program is designed to provide a sequence of numbers that lacks a discernible pattern. The sequence of numbers is so large, often in the billions, which ensures a pattern could never be found without using sophisticated technology and equipment operated by a genius. So no, RNG’s used in blackjack are not 100% random, but they are as random as is conceivably possible, and to the extent that online blackjack games really are fair.

Are Online Blackjack Games Fair When Using RNGs?

The reason the number sequence generated by an RNG can be so massive is that it is initiated by a number referred to as a seed. This seed is also randomized, hence the combinations of number generations reaches into the billions. This means that unless you play more than several billion hands of blackjack in a row without stopping even once, you will not exhaust the genuine randomness of the game. This is not a likely scenario for anyone. RNGs do provide the necessary level of random number generation for ensuring fair game play in online blackjack.

Can An Online Casino Manipulate their Blackjack RNGs?

Technically speaking, it is possible for the house to cheat players through manipulating their RNGs. This is why it is crucial that you only consider playing online blackjack at a legally licensed and regulated online casino. By doing so, you are playing your games at a destination that undergoes constant auditing of their RNG technology and fair gaming practices. The blackjack sites found in this guide all fall into this category, and are all verified to hold compliance certifications for their RNG technology.

Part of our vetting process includes restricting our recommendations to those brands that use reputable casino software, ensuring a fair platform for enjoying online blackjack. These software solutions integrate the RNG technology into their platform in such a way that the possibility of being tampered with is drastically reduced through sophisticated security protocols. Should you consider visiting an online casino that is not regulated or that doesn’t employ an industry leading software solution, you are taking a chance that may lead to a situation in which an operator does manipulate the RNGs and stack the odds in their favor for an unfair advantage.

If you have any doubts as to whether or not you are getting fair play with a particular online casino, you can always opt to just play the live dealer blackjack games which will take any random number generator out of the equation.